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Melksham Christmas Lights Group is an entirely voluntary group, consisting mainly of retired volunteers some of whom have been involved for more than 40 years!

Taking over from the Chamber of Commerce decades ago, the group set out to continue to put up, take down and maintain Melkshams Christmas Lights each year whilst other towns either lost their display or went directly to contractors.

In the last few years Melksham has become a hot spot known for its outstanding Festive Displays, everybody continues to work entirely voluntarily and work takes place throughout the year to design, build and install new lighting.

Each year our Switch on Event attracts increasing numbers and people travel from miles around to see what we have created, ending with a short pyrotechnic burst from our friends at Distant Thunder Fireworks.

Whilst nearing 10 years old, this video still tells the story pretty well...

Once the 2023 display is lit we will be spending some time populating this site with new information and many hundreds of photos!

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